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About Holly

So excited to be able to introduce myself and share my life's obsession with you all! 

It began many years ago In my grams kitchen, which I always remember smelled richly of merlot, garlic and rosemary. I would sit for hours watching her prepare meals making sure I was always the first in line to taste!


My first memory of cooking was leaning over her blue Le creuset whilst she instructed me how to make a roux. she explained that if I could master the perfect roux then many great dishes would follow. she was not wrong! she gave me the knowledge, passion for flavour and texture and the ability to pour love into each dish I have ever made and will continue to make.

Since going plant based I feel this rings true even more so, and my aim is to create food that has a deep level of consciousness about what impact it has on the environment and just as importantly on our health, without sacrificing any flavour!  

I hope whatever you choose you will get as much pleasure from eating it as I have had making it, and know that love will always be behind each piece.